Occupy Central Park Movie Trailer (2:48)
Occupy Central Park follows 19-year-old student Itamar Lilienthal as he works to organize a large concert and cultural exhibition in Central Park with the Occupy Wall Street movement. In the shadow of a tumultuous decade and at the height of revolutionary energy that swept the world in 2011, Itamar embarks on an effort to produce a massive "Occupy Worlds Fair" concert that captures the hope and promise for a better future. Over the course of a critical month as Occupy Wall Street entrenched its protest at Zuccotti Park, Itamar follows through on his vision and encounters unforeseen obstacles as well as unexpected support from key players in the movement. Occupy Central Park captures the behind the scenes story of a 19 year old as he tries create a new day for the unprecedented movement that captivated the world's attention in the fall of 2011.

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