About Littoral Media:

Littoral Media an emerging production company that produces feature documentary films, documentary short films and investigative research. The guiding principle of Littoral Media is to focus on stories and events that take place in the global "littoral," where rising sea levels, changing territories, migration, new economic networks and military battlespaces make coastal regions of the world a new focus in war, politics, economics and culture. According to theorist Paul Virilio, writing in the late 90's, "everything is being turned on its head at this Fin de si├Ęcle - not only geopolitical boundaries" but also prior means of representation. A remarkable fluidity in global politics is the defining feature of the 21st century, and Littoral Media seeks to capture stories that bring to life this reality.

Phillip Gara, director of Littoral Media is a documentary filmmaker and producer who has worked independently and in association with the Global Media Project at the Watson Institute for International Studies. Past projects include feature films: Human Terrain (Assc. Producer, 2009-2010), Project Z (Director/Producer, 2012), Occupy Central Park (Director/Producer, 2012), and short films: The Costs of War (2011), Virtuous War (2009), Disastrous Horizons (2008). Phillip is a graduate of Brown University with a degree in History, and Werner Herzog's Rogue Film School.

Contact: phillip.gara@gmail.com