Occupy Central Park
Disastrous Horizons
Beyond the Filter
Costs of War
Project Z
Morning on Mars
Staten Island
Virtuous War
Occupy Central Park (2:48)
Occupy Central Park is a feature-documentary following a 19-year-old student and a group working to organize a large benefit concert in Central Park at the height of the Occupy Wall Street movement.
Disastrous Horizons (6:02)
Disastrous Horizons is a short video contrasting leading military theorists Paul Virilio and VADM Arthur Cebrowksi's views on an age of "networked disasters."
Beyond the Filter (45:34)
Beyond the Filter is a 2006 student documentary about the internet studies initiatives begun at the Berkman Center for Law and Society at Harvard University.
Costs of War (6:00)
The Costs of War video introduces a unique multi-disciplinary collaboration reporting on the social, economic and political costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Project Z (3:11)
Beginning after the end of the Cold War and ending in the wake of the Arab Spring, Project Z tracks the critical transformations of the post-cold war era.
Morning on Mars (in production)
A short film capturing the Mars Rover Curiosity's landing, which was projected live in New York City at 1AM in Times Square to an audience of 2,000 people.
Littoral Media Newsreels
Littoral Media newsreels are cinematic and investigative short films that capture some of the most important stories of our times.
Trapeze (4:34)
The official video for Pants Velour's debut video single, "Trapeze".
Virtuous War: Mapping the Military-Industrial-Media-Entertainment Network (10:02)
A video trailer for the book Virtuous War - a 20-year chronicle of the technological, ideological, and political transformations leading to a misguided reliance on "high tech, low risk" warfare in response to complex global security challenges.